Ticketswap auto reserver 🤖
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Ticketswap-Crawler & Auto reserver 🤖

This script check Ticketswap periodically for new ticket available on sale and gives notification on your computer. The ticket is also automatically reserved in the cart if the user provides his session-id and token-id. It automatically reserves the max amount of listed tickets from a single person and reserves every ticket that is listed.

How to use

  • Install Node.JS [LTS] (
  • Pull the script [git clone or simply click download]
  • Open/Extract downloaded folder
  • Hold Shift + Mouse right-click (Windows specific)
  • Open Powershell (Windows specific)
  • Install the required packages: npm i (inside Powershell)
  • Change your event url in the script (inside app.js).
  • Run node app.js (inside Powershell)
  • Pray!

Obtain session and token id

  • Log into Ticketswap
  • Press F12 in Google Chrome whilst being on the Ticketswap site
  • Find the 'Application' tab
  • Click 'Cookies' under 'Storage' on the left hand side (see first image)
  • Copy-Paste the 'Value' Field into the App.JS file (2nd image) alt text alt text

Optional stuff

You can also change the check interval in the end of the file, currently this script run every 15000ms. You can change this number but any lower number is not recommended since ticketswap has a anti robot system to prevent fetching. In this case you will have to visit their webpage and click I am not a robot for the script to work again.


I didn't test this nor have I encountered this (yet). Haven't ran the script for long periods of time. Not sure what will happen when the supposed captcha appears.